The advantages of using collagen

Everybody wants to look beautiful and stay healthy. For that you should apply some creams or lotions or have a diet that can help to enhance your physical appearance. Collagen is one of the beneficial proteins that can help you in many ways. But people keep on enquiring what is collagen and what are its benefits.

Collagen is mostly found in tendons, muscles, skin and bones and it is the most abundant protein found in the body of human beings. It helps to hold the body together.

A scaffold is formed by collagen to offer structure and strength to the human body. Body synthesizes a natural collagen named endogenous collagen. An outside source provides synthetic exogenous collagen to the body. Exogenous collagen is used to make cosmetic and medical products. The body tissues are also repaired with the help of collagen.

  • What is collagen?

One-third of the protein in the human body is made by fibrous, hard and insoluble protein called collagen. Thin and long fibrils are formed, as the molecules of collagens are held together tightly. It supports the structure and other cells of the body. The skin is provided elasticity and strength by collagen. There are 16 types of collagens that function and look different as well. The collagens in the body of human beings are flexible and strong. Type 1 collagen fibrils are considered to be even stronger than steel.

  • Uses of collagen

Collagen has its use both in cosmetic and medical fields. The body can absorb, convert and break down collagen, as it is resorbable. It can also be given the form of lattice–like gels or compacted solid. Collagen has variety of functions and uses. It occurs naturally in the human body and it is clinically used for numerous medical purposes. Collagens of pigs, cows, sheep and humans are also used for medical purposes.

  • Skin fillers

The contours of the skin can be improved and depressions can be filled out by collagen injections. Lines mad wrinkles from the face can be removed by collagen containing cosmetic skin fillers. Scars can also be improved by skin fillers. Collagens of cows and humans are used to make skin fillers. Relatively superficial volumes can be filled by collagen. Fat, implants or silicone is used to fill more extensive gaps.

  • Guided tissue regeneration

The growth of specific types of cell is promoted by collagen-based membranes. They are mostly used in periodontal and implant therapy. Fast growing cells around the gum can be prevented from migrating by collagen barriers during an oral surgery. A space is preserved by collagen for the regeneration of tooth cells. Doctors do not remove collagen barrier after the main operation as they are resorbable.

  • Vascular prosthetics

Collagen tissues are used in arterial reconstruction, peripheral nerve regeneration and vascular prostheses. Most of the collagen prostheses have enough compatibility with human body. But coagulation of the blood is caused by some collagen prostheses.

Thus, keep your joints, muscles, bones and skin healthy for a longer time and look beautiful even after you start aging.