Green Smoke Review – What You Need to Know about this E-Cigarette Brand

Green Smoke e cig reviewWondering about the best e-cigarette brand that offers excellent value for your money? This Green Smoke review may help you decide if this product is worth buying, or if you are better off with another brand. As with any other e-cig brands in the market, Green Smoke has its own impressive features and some flaws, which you will find out as you read along.

The Skinny on Green Smoke

For years, Green Smoke has been getting much praises for its top-notch batteries and stunning starter kits. It’s quite easy to be blown away by the neat packaging and complete set of items including in every kit by Green Smoke. However, its steep price has been a major drawback for budget-conscious shoppers. While the quality may be exceptional, it will help if the brand also comes with an affordable price that will cater to buyers looking for economical options for their e-cigarettes. Nevertheless, you can surely get what you pay for with every package of Green Smoke – its high quality is remarkable and every flavor is just pleasantly surprising. This brand is a delight to anyone who never wishes to settle for anything less.

Green Smoke Review: Superb Features of the Product

The very first thing you notice in any product is the packaging, and Green Smoke understands the importance of visual appeal in its e-cig kits. With its extraordinary design and print on the package, you will be instantly drawn to what this brand can offer. Even the cartomizer is packaged in such a way that is hardly mediocre. With its colorful printed flip top e-cig boxes and unique leaf-shaped green stickers, you can tell right away that the brand has certainly exerted some effort on their design. The impressive details are appealing, and just the packaging may immediately convince you to try one of these e-cigs.

However, it’s not all about the exterior looks since this brand also offers exceptional quality batteries. It short battery, the KR808D comes with a 160 mAh rating. This is enough to give you up to 200 puffs or about 2 hours of vaping. You can get an even better quality with their long battery that has a powerful rating of 270 mAh, which equates to over 250 puffs. If you want more hours of heavy vaping, though, you should seriously consider getting an extra battery for greater power. This nifty battery has the same size as a 100s analog type of cigarette.
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The flavor is also unbelievably amazing. There is hardly any strange or musty after-taste, which means you have the smoothest and most satisfying feel with every vape. Most importantly, vapor production will exceed your expectations, and the throat hit is just exceptional.

Points to Consider

Although most people are all-praises with Green Smoke e-cigs, there are those who are not impressed with its pricing. This is indeed a high-end e-cig brand, and its price tag may overwhelm you, as well. Yet, if you look for the finest quality that beyond words, this product is something worth considering. You can be sure to obtain the best value for your money – up to the last vape you get from this product.